Pedagogy in a Pandemic: College Instructor Perspectives on Online Instruction during COVID-19 at Universities in USA and China


Higher education institutions globally saw a collective mandate to move classes online, where afforded, at the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic situation, handing educators unwarranted learning situations. The focus of the current study is on analysis of faculty perspectives and efforts regarding technology during the transition to online teaching. We examined differences between faculty perspectives of teaching with technology during the shift to online teaching because of COVID-19, and how perspectives differ between the USA and China. These important cross-cultural perspectives demonstrate the positive and negatives of technology, particularly during COVID-19. Understanding important faculty perspectives, particularly how these differ across cultures, may shed important light onto what successes and challenges instructors reported experiencing during their shift to online instruction.

In The Annual Meetings of American Educational Research Association, 2022
Yingjia Wan
Yingjia Wan
Student Researcher in Natural Language Processing

My research interests lie in LLM reasoning, debiasing, hallucination, multimodality, and cognition-inspired NLP.